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Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Face of the Horowhenua

I am now a media star.

A couple of weeks ago, the head of personnel rang me at home in the evening. I must admit that I was quite spooked. Afterall, why would the head of personnel ring me out of the blue in the evening? I naturally assumed he had decided to end my contract there and then and he couldn't wait for me to come to work to tell me.

But I was wrong.

He wanted me to do an interview to promote working for the council. They have quite a few vacancies to fill and they want to appeal to people from outside the region. Levin is something of a backwater on the main road to Wellington. It's just slightly too far to commute everyday and as a result it is mostly known as a place people pass through when they are on their way somewhere else.

So, my job was to tell the people of New Zealand why they should move to Levin. And there are plenty of good things about living here. Needless to say, I was delighted to be asked for an interview; There's nothing like a bit of media exposure to make you feel more important than you really are.

So, floating about in the New Zealand press at the moment is a full page article, featuring me and my drivel on the region, filtered through the word processor of a middle aged journalist.

I've been quite worried about whether I said enough good things so I made Jo read it first. She said I sounded OK and I kind of skim read it. I have become a bit self conscious about the whole thing.

Besides, us media people don't like to read our own press.


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