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Monday, October 23, 2006

Beach Facts

It's well known that the population of the world could squeeze onto the Isle of Wight. Horowhenua is a small place which is quite sparsely populated and it's 30,000 people could easily cram itself onto a rugby pitch.

The district has around 30km of beaches reaching all the way from Waikawa at the south to the Manawatu River in the north, in a single long stretch of beautiful flat sand at least 50m deep all the way.

What this means is that, even if the entire district turned up at the beach at the same time, there would still be 1m of sea frontage for each person and 50 square metres of sand. This is an area 5m by 10m, which is big enough to put a small house on. If you compare this with Margate on a sunny day, or Marbella, where there is barely room to move, then you get some idea of how deserted the beaches might be in this part of the world. Even if the whole of Palmerston North City turned out as well, there would still be 13 square metres of sand per person. In the UK, that's enough room for a garage and plenty of space for a picnic.

And of, course, even if all the people of Palmy went to the beach at the same time, most of them would probably head for Himitangi, which isn't even in the district.

So, we can head to the beach in the summer and fully expect that it won't be too crowded.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck, there's enough enough space on those beaches to erect a shed or two!


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