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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kiwi Christmas

Despite cliches of summer Christmas and dinner on the beach, Christmas day here is not much different here to at home. It was a bit chilly and it rained all day, the same as it does every year by all acounts. Fortunately, we were staying at home all day so that was no problem.

Despite the predictably dreary weather, Christmas day was very nice. We made an important step towards self sufficiency when Jo bought a beer making kit for me, and we harvested some of our own vegetables for the first time; some nice big new potatoes and some tiny tiny carrots, the biggest of which was the size of a golf ball. There was also a tiny tiny beetroot the size of one of Lily's fingers. Very tasty, but nonetheless slightly disappointing.

A baby's first Christmas is very exciting for the parents and more so than for the baby who really doesn't have much of an idea what's happening and is more than likely a little freaked out by the whole thing. Lily enjoyed her presents and, of course, the wrapping paper. But we the parents absolutely loved it. We bought her an amazing toy which blows balls out of a tube like a bingo machine whilst playing music and making funny noises. The balls are supposed to land in a tray and go round again, but half the time they don't and the poor parents are sent scampering across the floor to round them up whilst the baby squeals with delight. So we were exhausted by lunchtime. Those interested can check out the video.

Boxing Day today and I'm back at work tomorrow. Only 15 days holiday for council workers in this country and I'm saving my days for later.


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