The land of sheep and chocolate

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Boring Newspapers

The local paper here, delivered free to 14,203 homes, is the Horowhenua News. Just like all papers, it loves a good crime story. But in a district where there were less than 2,000 crimes last year, it doesn't often get one.

I knew this was a good place to come and live when the front page story was about an old lady whose mailbox had been vandalised. Apparently, she was particularly worried because it happened on a Friday when lots of leaflets get delivered from the local shops. She didn't want to miss out on the special offers in town.

This week, we have the story of a break in at Horowhenua College where a DVD player was stolen, along with the slightly bizarre theft of a heart monitor from the local hospital. And last week, there was a break-in at a beach-house in Hokio, where the thieves made away with six cans of lager and a packet of marsh-mallows.

I feel safe in Levin, but I wish the local press was more interesting.


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