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Monday, May 14, 2007

Doggy Power Struggle

Continued doggy indiscipline has has meant that we had to cave in to the inevitable last week and bring in the dog trainer. Too much barking in the front garden, and chasing flys round the sitting room has pushed us over the edge. Enough is enough.

They are cute and furry, but Molly clearly thinks she is in charge, or so said the dog trainer. Even Jake, downtrodden whipping boy of the pack apparently doesn't respect us. He just can't take on Molly. So, an evening routine has been establised where we bully the pair of them for ten minutes in order to show them who is in fact in charge.

And it is working, and has done right from the start. Both of them are much calmer and happier. By all accounts they don't want to be in charge; they just weren't convinced we were up to the job. Now we have started pushing them around, they seem quite relieved to hand over the reigns. Molly has become quite submissive.

The only unexpected consequence is that Jake has become more uppity and wilful and has started to stand up to bullying, formerly power-mad Molly. Last night they wrestled for hours and for the first time ever, he comprehesively defeated her. He seems to have decided that the time is right for changes to be made in the structure of the pack. Which all means that Molly is now trying to reassert herself to cover her own position.

Dog ownership. It's a constant fight for supremacy.


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