The land of sheep and chocolate

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Levin has its good points but it is quite insular. It’s a very small place, and isolated, being 40 minutes by road from anywhere. There is a daily paper published in the town which has one page of national news, with the rest of the paper being devoted to local events and moaning about the council. I realised the other day that after a year here I have no idea what David Beckham has been up to. Living here is like living in the 1970’s, whilst the rest of New Zealand has probably made it to the 90’s by now.

All this is rubbing off on use just a little bit as we realised the other day when we went to Wellington for the day. Wellington is not exactly a big city but compared to Levin it really feels huge and super-sophisticated.

We are so used to small-town living that we were completely thrown by basic things like one way systems and not being able to park right outside the place where we were going to. But there seemed to be a real buzz in the air, a palpable feeling of excitement like this was the kind of place where things really happen, like important decisions being made or buses running on a regular basis.

I have moved jobs now and I am commuting to the next town down the highway from Levin, towards Wellington and closer to the action. I am already feeling like I’ve made steps into a larger world.


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